College Keystone will work with you to create and promote high impact applications that not only highlight your academics and extracurriculars, but highlight who you are in your unique way. 


There are many opportunities within the application process to showcase who you are. College Keystone will work with you to maximize these opportunities so that colleges can really see your capabilities.



Personal Statements and Essays

​The personal statement truly is the keystone of the college application process. This is the opportunity for you to introduce yourself fully to the admissions officers of your colleges of choice -- your chance to shine. 


College Keystone wants to help you develop your individual story and present it in a way that is meaningful and memorable. This is your biggest opportunity to personalize your application and leave a lasting impression. We can maximize this opportunity.


Career Planning


Students in high school, or mid-college career, are not always prepared to choose a major and plan a career. College Keystone can help.


We can explore interests in majors and careers, while considiering lifestyle outcomes such as income, likely locations of employment, types of working environments, and work-life balance. College Keystone can help consider these options and align interests with internships for further exploration.


Some students will benefit from applying undeclared, taking meaningful gap time, or attending city college or vocational school. 


Financial Aid and Scholarship Applications

FAFSA and CSS Profile are just the beginning! College Keystone can help with these important financial aid applications, while also helping develop scholarship opportunities and applications. 


Scholarship and funding searches can begin as early as high school freshman year. Come see us to help find funding beyond the ordinary.

College List Development


There are over 1900 4-year colleges in the US. Most students are familiar with less than 10 of these, and are usually limited to "big names." 


College Keystone will work to expand your awareness of colleges that match your unique learning style and interests, while developing a balanced list of safety schools, likely acceptances, and a few reach schools to match your personal profile.


Test Prep and Tutoring 

​While some colleges are test optional, most rely on results of standardized tests as much as they rely on the gpa you spent four years achieving. 

​College Keystone can help you prepare to perform your personal best on the SAT, ACT, subject exams, AP Exams. We can also support you fully in tutoring throughout your high school career. We offer test prep as well as tutoring in all math and science subjects through college level and AP.